Fireworks CS5 ….by Adobe

Today I”m installing the trial of Fireworks CS5 (own CS3 version now) the download size is 498MB, wow remember the day when I’d start a download that huge (in the days of dialup) and then just go to bed and install it the next morning. Times have changed, now the “Adobe Download Assistant” says about 30 minutes, lots faster than when downloads took about 7 minutes for each MB of file size.
The installer started, says the total install is 1GB (that took a few minutes more), the startup of the trial asked again for my Adobe ID (that I entered into the Download Assistant already…oh, well. The program has a link that is an archive of videos for using Fireworks.
Next, clicked Help>Updates and there were some for the CS5 trial that I’d just installed. Peeked at the list (wait and be surprised like I was) the updates will run for several minutes. 3 different adobe applications had updates, required closing CS5 to continue (yes that’s a clue)
The cost of upgrading is $149.00 from CS3 to CS5, the full price is $299.95 50% savings these days is attractive for sure.
The “What’s New” information is here

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