“This site may be compromised” and what to do when that happens

Check vDomainHostinghttp://www.facebook.com/guyrcook.webdeveloper the warning message made my phone ring once when a customer at the local computer store had website problems, the store referred their customer to me to sort it out. Their issue was more involved than this post has room for, so in the facebook page I add content into, (the link above) I’ve posted:

Results labeled “This site may be compromised” and if you see that in Google search results, here’s why you should contact your webmaster: http://bit.ly/XdU2eb (might bookmark it for that ‘rainy day’ when you need to know, I hope you never have to use this link.)
Results labeled “This site may be compromised” – Web Search Help
If you’re the administrator of a site we’ve identified with this warning message, please visit the instructions found in Google’s own Webmaster Help Center to investigate and resolve the problem.

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