B2B Marketing: 9 Ideas for Solving Your Biggest Content Challenges

http://bit.ly/YYWRTy thanks to http://contentmarketinginstitute.com for this nicely done overview.  I really stopped when I read that the INTEL crew plans a YEAR in advance on their calendar “Not surprisingly, enterprise organizations are far more challenged with lack of integration across marketing than their small-business counterparts. As more people, products, and geographies become involved — producing integrated content can get pretty complicated.”
Ideas: If you are struggling with getting buy-in, there are two posts I suggest you read: 2 Foolproof Methods for Getting Content Marketing Buy-In and Getting Buy-In for Your Content Marketing: A 3-Point Process. There is some overlap in the ideas, but here are the highlights:

  • Really understand – and be able to articulate – the value of content marketing.
  • Do a pilot program and report on key metrics, such as immediate gains (e.g. social followers), social rankings, back-links and leads/sales.
  • Play on fear. What is the competition doing that you are not? What does your management care about most?

Read the full post at the http://bit.ly/YYWRTy

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