Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130707

vDomainHosting BusinessCard 2013

More about headlines, and the words that convert best.
Thanks to Ronnie Bincer  For an answer to the question about new Google Hangouts on Air features.
http://route66internationalfestival.com/  uses  http://wordpress.org/plugins/jquery-t-countdown-widget/changelog/ for their countdown.  T(-) Countdown will display a highly customizable, flash-free countdown timer as a sidebar widget or in a post or page using a shortcode.
On SlideShare ( you have that bookmarked right?) I got an email of the top posts, and this one by Angel L. Ramos titled “The 5 Secrets of Networking” is quite a good one.

Happy Friday!  I”ve used this Chrome extension for over 200 days, and sharing this video with you so that you can have ‘superpowers’ for some of your logins too.

 Using OpenID with WordPress

 July’s theme for Joomla from JoomlaBamboo – Nebula
 14 Google Tools You Didn’t Know Existed – here are a few.

Make Your Website Work Across Multiple Devices

Build a website that showcases your business on every screen from smartphones and tablets to computers and TVs. Your customers expect a great browsing experience regardless of what device they use.
Home to an abundance of resources, Google Think Insights is a useful tool for entrepreneurs and industry professionals. There are case studies, new findings and tips on how to grow your business, as well as showcases of exemplary projects. Finally, there are also tools for maximizing your site analytics and ad campaigns. A particularly useful collection is how to “Make Your Website Work Across Different Platforms.

7. Get Your Business Online

Get Your Business Online is Google’s initiative to get more local businesses on the web, in an effort to boost the local economy as well as help small businesses grow. The initiative also encourages people to get other businesses online, with an end goal of reaching every local business in America. There are also listings for events and lessons. The free service also includes hosting for one year.

10. Google Fonts

Google Fonts offers open source web fonts for all to use privately or commercially. As of now, there are 629 font families available. Filter fonts by thickness, slant, width and script.

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