Google Rolls Out Major Panda 4.0 SEO Update

Google Rolls Out Major Panda 4.0 SEO Update from B2C site here:  Do take a minute and readup on this new algorithm update from Google called Panda 4.0

It helps to know what the main focus is, or at least how it’s explained in the article that are things we’ve already known are not good, duplicate content and short content pieces.

The article says to avoid copying other peoples content will be a big step in the avoiding duplicate content ‘game’ and to not have duplicate content in your site. NOTE:  Check that your dynamic sitemap tool isn’t creating duplication by adding 2 links to the same thing in your sitemap is one thing to check.

As for ‘short’ content pieces, I”m likely the most guilty in that regard, but will try to do better.

Thanks for sharing this article by Jeff Evans @ for more of his articles, I suspect they’re good ones since this effort was great.


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