Homepages are not Landing pages

Homepages are not Landing pages.
Homepages are not Landing pages.

I was asked “What’s the difference between a homepage and a landing page”?    The landing page has just a single call to action, based on the anchor image/text that made that page load.   That page may not even be in the main navigation of the website, depending on the call to action.
User experience is very important, and the fancy ‘looks’ in the world are moot if the expectation the user has, isn’t met.  When I see banners/links that indicate anything, that isn’t met by the resulting landing page, but instead of the expectation the click results in going to the homepage of a particular website, so you can ‘figure out’ how to find whatever, then that work usually isn’t done.   Please don’t make that mistake on your next campaign.  It matters.
In 2016 part of the effort will be to produce development, design, deployment and suppport for landing pages, let’s talk about 2016 and the campaigns therein.

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