6 BEST Online PDF Compressor Tools To Reduce PDF File Size – 2023 LIST

First posted in 2010 as 5 Tricks to Reduce PDF File Size.

Worth a look, for those times when you get a file that is 7MB on the front and 10MB on the back, and are asked to add that to the website as a link(s) so having this information helped quite a lot get the documents ready for the website.

Pro Tip: There are a variety of tools out there that get the job done, but many are safe spaces for malware and adware waiting to infect your file. Just choose PDF compressing tools that have a good reputation for backing them. Go for tools with a simple user interface. We don’t need confusing features for something as simple as PDF compression. You can also manually reduce the size of your PDF by using compressed images or reducing the use of graphics in your file.

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