Thanks for sharing these Other FREE AI RESOURCES from Kevin Stratvert

– Adobe Audio Enhance: https://podcast.adobe.com/enhance
– PowerPoint Presentation Coach: http://powerpoint.new/
– Canva’s Text to Image using OpenAI’s Dalle2: https://partner.canva.com/c/3548125/6…
– Palette.fm Colorize black and white photos: http://palette.fm/
– Splitter.ai Audio splitting: http://splitter.ai/
– Article that walks through all five tools: https://kevinstratvert.com/2023/01/24…

If you’re like me, then you can never have too many resources. Kevin Stratvert has generously provided a list of other free AI resources that are sure to be helpful for anyone looking to learn more about AI. Thanks, Kevin! Be sure to checkout his blog post and these other FREE AI RESOURCES.

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