Making the audio better

Making the audio better in the podcast has been achieved, takes a few extra minutes to ‘polish the apple’ I call it.

I start with Screencast O matic, and record the Windows screen of the Youtube thumbnail and that makes an MP4 .   OK, then with Audiotonic I will open the MP4 file and export the MP3 content.  Then to make it sound better, I upload the MP3 to the Adobe podcast audio enhancement and once it’s done the enhancement of the MP3 I download the resulting .wav file of the audio.   Using the ‘Narration’ option the .wav file is imported into that same MP4,  then the same export as .MP3 is done with the new enhanced audio.

The better sounding MP3 audio is then uploaded into the Podbean directory for that podcast episode.   Then the MP4 file with the enhanced audio is uploaded to, both scheduled with best time for that day per VIDiq

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