Why is multitasking a challenge for users over 70

Why is multitasking a challenge for users over 70.  Do you ever find yourself struggling to focus on one thing at a time? If so, then you may be familiar with the challenge of multitasking. As we age and our lives become busier, multitasking can become increasingly difficult – especially for users over 70! In this blog post, Guy R Cook will dive into ways to help multitask by enhancing the work station hardware, getting dual monitors is a simple way to start, then you can watch your favorite show on monitor A  and write a blog post like this one on the other monitor.

Understanding why it can be harder for older adults to juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and how technology can help bridge that gap. We’ll explore the physical and mental changes associated with aging that make multitasking more challenging, as well as strategies for using technology to make daily life easier.

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