Category: Events in History

  • Events in History for Tuesday April 13th 2016

    1250 The Seventh Crusade is defeated in Egypt, Louis IX of France is captured. 1598 Edict of Nantes grants political rights to French Huguenots 1742 George Frideric Handel’s oratorio “Messiah” performed for the 1st time at New Music Hall in Dublin 1860 1st Pony Express reaches Sacramento, California 1868 Abyssinian War ends as British and […]

  • Events in History for Thursday April 7th

    30 Scholars’ estimate for Jesus’ crucifixion by Roman troops in Jerusalem 529 First draft of Corpus Juris Civilis (a fundamental work in jurisprudence) issued by Eastern Roman Emperor Justinian I 1724 Johann Sebastian Bach’s “St John Passion” premieres in Leipzig 1954 US President Dwight D. Eisenhower in news conference is first to voice fear of […]

  • Events in History for Thursday March 31th 2016

    1146 Bernard of Clairvaux preaches his famous sermon in a field at Vézelay, urging the necessity of a Second Crusade. Louis VII is present, and joins the Crusade. 1492 Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Aragon issue the Alhambra Decree which expels Jews from their Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon 1657 English Parliament makes the […]

  • Events in History for Wednesday March 30th 2016

    240 BC 1st recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet. 1856 Russia signs Peace of Paris, ending the Crimean War 1867 US buys Alaska from Russia for $7,200,000 (2 cents an acre – Seward’s Folly) 1870 15th Amendment to the US constitution is adopted, guarantees right to vote regardless of race 1959 Dalai Lama flees China […]

  • Events in History for Monday March 28th 2016

    364 Roman Emperor Valentinian I appoints his brother Flavius Valens co-emperor. 845 Paris is sacked by Viking raiders, probably under Ragnar Lodbrok, who collects a huge ransom in exchange for leaving. 1854 Britain & France declare war on Russia (Crimean War) 1939 Spanish Civil War ends, Madrid falls to Francisco Franco 1946 Cold War: The […]

  • Events in History for Saturday March 5th 2016

    363 Roman Emperor Julian moves from Antioch with an army of 90,000 to attack the Sassanid Empire, in a campaign which would bring about his own death. 1046 Persian scholar Naser Khosrow begins the seven-year Middle Eastern journey which he will later describe in his book Safarnama. 1496 English King Henry VII hands John Cabot […]