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  • Marketing and Integrations with Jetpack

    Marketing and Integrations with Jetpack allows connections to be made to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, Google Photos, Google My Business, Mailchimp and Instagram Today I’ve started up that connection to this WordPress powered website is the contact form URL

  • Find out who is hosting any website

    Find out who is hosting any website I won’t try to tell you when you will need this tool, it’s in my toolbox for internet related solutions, and I’m guessing there might be the day that you’ll need it too.

  • Top podcast episode for the past 7 days

    Top podcast episode for the past 7 days 20220630 Replay How to Share a YouTube Video at a Specific Start Time the information is from analytics, a great 2nd opinion for podcast statistics.  93% for the past 7 days.

  • Vivaldi Privacy Statistics

    Vivaldi Privacy Statistics for last 90 days, is it time to try it now?

  • Launched a writable PDF Sponsorship form

    Launched a writable PDF Sponsorship form for US Route 6 Tourist Association  

  • What’s that site running in 2022?

    For the times that I want to know the answer to What’s that site running? I use this URL Contact Guy R Cook

  • Tweaked the contact form

    Tweaked the contact form, then to see if it slowed the page load, and also wanted to see if the OG image loaded too

  • Apple Podcasts Preview link to review

    Apple Podcasts Preview for The Guy R Cook Report The podcast is on many different URL’s, this is the link for Apple Podcasts Preview When posted today there are 109 episodes listed, has ALL of them since 2016 in the archive there. #theguyrcookreport Checkout ALL the episodes, there could be a pearl in […]

  • How to Add Expires Headers To Your WordPress Website

    How to Add Expires Headers To Your WordPress Website Doing updates this AM and a post from Rank Math caught my eye, sharing that URL here for anyone that has the ‘job’ of optimization of the WordPress powered website.

  • Get a Video Business Card

    Get a Video Business Card from The Guy R Cook Report for just $5.00, recently I created a “Contact Guy” video and today got the thought that some might not have the tools but do want an online business card.