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  • Open Office 3.0 Beta examination

    First look at Open Office 3.0 Beta

  • Rethinking Marketing

    This week I’ve started exploring Social Media Marketing, and here’s one of the links I got from that webinar Have a look. I”ve also attached one of the PDF’s of a slide from the presentation Title : Rethinking Marketing rethinking-marketing1 The entire webinar is archived at this URL That session sure got me […]

  • Plans for 64-bit processing support in Photoshop

    CS4 version of Photoshop announcement above is interesting in that 64bit has been here for some time in Windows XP, but this new version it seems will only work in VISTA 64 bit

  • 5 Reasons why Freelancers should blog by Daniel Scocco is worth every minute of the time it takes to read, if you’re freelancing at anything, read that post.   There may well be more than 5, do share them here if so.

  • Three Things to Ponder ….

    My younger sister sent me this via email today, with the subject line above. 1. Cows 2. The Constitution 3. The Ten Commandments C O W S Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost […]

  • SyncMaster 226BW

    My loving wife got my xmas present early this year, SyncMaster 226BW LCD monitor, details here. Back about 1998 a client gave me a 17 inch SyncMaster monitor, and it served well for 5 or 6 years, now the new monitor is here and it will definitely change how many things get done. Thanks very […]

  • Outsourcing, sure, but do it right.

    I re-read the post today about the benefits of outsourcing web hosting, and thought about all those that try to do their own….  Here’s a link to Realize the Benefits of Outsourcing Web Hosting Services Today

  • Two things Businesses will use online….

    I was talking today to the Chamber’s administrative assistant, and PayPal came up, I told her I thought every new business should have a PayPal account and Gmail account for the analytics, it’s 2007 and that’s the way things are.

  • Our Troops…..

    A video from the Port Orchard Washington Past President of the Chamber of Commerce

  • What is Web 3.0?