Making Good Content on the WWW

Check vDomainHostingSometimes in ‘surfing’ you find a page with an issue of some kind or another, and the question I have is did you tell the site owner about it? Send an email to them via their contact page (unless of course that’s the issue) or even better call them on the phone? If the ‘what goes around, comes around’ is true, then each time you help out another webmaster’s project they also can be charged with paying their dues and corrections can be a part of what they do.
I was just on the phone pointing out an error in anchor text to a customer, they thanked me, and for the days that we don’t make lots of money, thank you’s will have to do.

Google Apps – Separate domain or domain alias?

Guy R Cook - President vDomainHosting, IncThere are two ways for one organization to use multiple domain names: with multiple domains or with multiple domain aliases. Which one is appropriate for your organization?  Google has the answer about separate domain or domain alias for your Google Apps for Business account. If you’re not sure, read on the post explains it very well.