Website maintenance done on Friday

Website maintenance done on Friday is an important aspect of running a successful website. On Fridays, there are a few key considerations to bear in mind when it comes to website maintenance. Make sure all content is up-to-date and relevant; double check URLs, security settings, and other features to ensure they are active; and ensure that all plugins and third-party integrations are functioning properly. Being proactive with website maintenance on Fridays can make all the difference in maintaining an attractive, highly functional website that customers will be drawn to visit.

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Speeding up WordPress tips
This is  a start on a collection of resources about speeding up hosted wordpress sites.  Here’a part of that article’s information:
Remove Unnecessary PHP Executions and DB Access
Those wonderful themes that we all choose are often loaded with PHP bloat. Some theme’s such as my own Rapid Access were designed specifically for speed. But others are designed mainly for looks (I’m not going to name any names). But all of them have some very generic code in them to allow them to be easily installed on any blog.
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