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  • History of Google Algorithm Updates

    A part of the Bruce Clay blog contains History of Google Algorithm Updates is online at  knowledge about Google is an important part of being in the know.   Hope this information helps.

  • Events in History for Thursday February 4th 2016

    Today’s Significant Events 211 Roman Emperor Septimius Severus dies, leaving the Roman Empire in the hands of his two quarrelsome sons, Caracalla and Geta. 960 The coronation of Zhao Kuangyin as Emperor Taizu of Song, initiating three centuries of Song Dynasty dominance 1789 1st US electoral college chooses Washington & Adams as President and Vice-President […]

  • Events in History for Thursday 28th January 2016

    Today’s Significant Events 1521 Emperor Charles V opens the Diet of Worms in Worms, Germany which lasts until May 25th. Produced the “Edict of Worms” which denounced Martin Luther 1807 London’s Pall Mall is 1st street lit by gaslight 1813 Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is published by Thomas Egerton in the United Kingdom. 1819 […]

  • Events in History for Thursday 21st January 2016

    Today’s Significant Events 1525 – The Swiss Anabaptist Movement is born when Conrad Grebel, Felix Manz, George Blaurock, and about a dozen others baptize each other in the home of Manz’s mother in Zürich, breaking a thousand-year tradition of church-state union. 1793 – Louis XVI of France is executed by the guillotine in Paris, following […]

  • Events in History for Thursday 17th December 2015

    Today’s Significant Events 1398 – Timur (Tamerlane) captures and sacks Delhi, defeating Sultan Nasir-u Din Mehmud’s armies which include elephants 1526 – Pope Clemens VII publishes degree Cum ad zero – forms Inquisition 1538 – Pope Paul III excommunicates England’s King Henry VIII 1788 – Russian army of Grigory Potemkin occupies Ocharov 1986 – Mrs […]

  • New Headset Link? is now a link so I don’t lose it, I’ve shared it here in the blog too.  I have an old style 3.5 MM plug headset that’s not working well enough, and someone suggested I try this one (in the amazon store now)   So, Happy Thursday and have a great weekend too.

  • How to chose the best social network for your blog

    Social-Network-Infographic for you

  • SEO Checklist by Ian Cleary

    This is not an exhaustive list but covers some of the basics for an SEO Checklist.   Ian Cleary is the Founder of RazorSocial and is super passionate about helping people leverage tools and technology to improve effectiveness of your social media presence.

  • Where to find data revealed.  links to 122 sources for data of varying sorts, great for the blogger looking for information eh?

  • Small Business Mobile Marketing Tips

    Small Business Mobile Marketing Tips.  Increasing numbers of mobile users make purchases from their smartphones, and if the business is one that sells online, this should be a fully functional feature for mobile users.  In addition to a mobile website, businesses should ensure that they have a Google+ page so that it is easier for customers to locate […]