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  • Benefits of Creating a FREE Rank Math Account

    Creating and connecting your website with your account is completely optional. But, there are a few features and benefits you might be missing out on if you are not connecting your website with your free Rank Math account. For a chance to ‘kick the tires’ on your WordPress installation, go to

  • History of Google Algorithm Updates

    A part of the Bruce Clay blog contains History of Google Algorithm Updates is online at  knowledge about Google is an important part of being in the know.   Hope this information helps.

  • Top podcast episode for the past 7 days

    Top podcast episode for the past 7 days 20220630 Replay How to Share a YouTube Video at a Specific Start Time the information is from analytics, a great 2nd opinion for podcast statistics.  93% for the past 7 days.

  • Events in History for Tuesday 5th January 2016

    Today’s Significant Events 1477 – Battle of Nancy, Burgundy vs Switzerland, 7,000 + killed including their leader Charles Duke of Burgundy 1781 – British naval expedition led by Benedict Arnold burns Richmond, Virginia 1919 – National Socialist Party (Nazi) forms as German Farmers’ Party 1930 – Mao Zedong writes “A Single Spark Can Start a […]

  • Pre-launch Website Testing Checklist from

    42 ‘Essential Checks’ is their idea, see the link and look if over, share your thoughts on their list and the idea that gave it life.

  • Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130720 Managing facebook Ads With Power Editor You can’t currently create Custom Audiences within the self-serve ad tool, although you can select ones that have already been created. You’ll need to use Power Editor to create them. Power Editor is a bulk ad editing tool created by Facebook. It’s a browser plugin that currently works […]

  • Use Google Analytics to Track Results

    Use Google Analytics to Track Results Taken from the post @   In the Search Engine Optimization report in Google Analytics, you can track click-through rates for all of your impressions in Google’s search results. Simply select CTR from the site usage drop-down. You can even use the “Compare to past” feature to compare […]

  • Marketing strategies, 2 words…

      That’s easy.

  • The 2013 Digital Marketer Report and What You Can Learn From It

    Written by: Eric Brantner Eric has shared several good bits from the 2013 Digital Marketer Report, one of them is this: The more niche you can go, the better off you are. Search engines aren’t getting any less competitive. In fact, as the numbers suggest, it’s more competitive than ever. So if you are going […]