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  • Find out who is hosting any website

    Find out who is hosting any website I won’t try to tell you when you will need this tool, it’s in my toolbox for internet related solutions, and I’m guessing there might be the day that you’ll need it too.

  • Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130727

    50 Homepage Website Layouts using Featured Details & Icon Lists by Jake Rocheleau –– start paste — The trend of icon detail lists has be rising very quickly but silently. I have not seen many other designers writing about this topic, and my hope is to shed light onto the trend with some beautiful examples. Generally […]

  • Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130607

    20130607 Added tweet post so that KEEK account could be verified, in Twitter and it got added to the Facebook ‘automagically’ Upgraded Dropbox to version 2.0.26 Facebook Photo Fetcher is a WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and easily generate WordPress photo galleries from any Facebook album you can access. So, as a […]

  • How We Increased Conversions by 700% Using Giveaways to Capture Leads | Unbounce Posted from WordPress for Android