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  • BIMI record information

    BIMI record information in the coming soon podcast episode on 08/12/2022

  • Events in History for Monday 11th January 2016

    Today’s Significant Events 532 – Nika-revolt against Justianus & Theodora in Hippodrome Constantinople 1599 – Jacob van Necks fleet leaves Bantam Java with pepper, clove & muskaat 1813 – 1st pineapples planted in Hawaii (or 1/21) 1838 – 1st public demonstration of telegraph message sent using dots & dashes at Speedwell Ironworks, Morristown, New Jersey […]

  • 28 WordPress Plugins That Increase Profits and Save Time by NEIL PATEL on AUGUST 31, 2015

    28 WordPress Plugins That Increase Profits and Save Time by NEIL PATEL on AUGUST 31, 2015 In this list, Neil has  divided the plugins into 5 different sections: SEO-related plugins Plugins to speed up your site Plugins to help you get more leads Content marketing related plugins Plugins to help you sell products (i.e., list […]

  • Blogroll Monday – Who Is Rebekah Radice

    On Monday’s I try to add at least one new link into the BlogRoll, from a blog that I intend to follow.   Today I found (via Google+ to start with) Rebekah Radice.    Her blog description reads as: Welcome! I’m thrilled you’ve taken the time to check out my website and want to learn more about […]

  • Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130727

    50 Homepage Website Layouts using Featured Details & Icon Lists by Jake Rocheleau –– start paste — The trend of icon detail lists has be rising very quickly but silently. I have not seen many other designers writing about this topic, and my hope is to shed light onto the trend with some beautiful examples. Generally […]

  • Weekly Roundup – Guy R Cook 20130720 Managing facebook Ads With Power Editor You can’t currently create Custom Audiences within the self-serve ad tool, although you can select ones that have already been created. You’ll need to use Power Editor to create them. Power Editor is a bulk ad editing tool created by Facebook. It’s a browser plugin that currently works […]

  • Social Media Call-to-Action: 7 Tactics To Improve Your Results | Heidi Cohen

  • 10 Customer Review Building Tips for Google+ Local

    From the referenced post: “Customer reviews are a fundamental part of your local marketing efforts and online reputation. If you can get enough good ones, they can go a long ways. A slew of good reviews can boost both your local search ranking as well as click-through rate (CTR), which should ultimately lead to converting […]

  • Marketing strategies, 2 words…

      That’s easy.

  • “This site may be compromised” and what to do when that happens the warning message made my phone ring once when a customer at the local computer store had website problems, the store referred their customer to me to sort it out. Their issue was more involved than this post has room for, so in the facebook page I add content into, (the link above) I’ve […]